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             The Romantic Movement began in the late eighteenth century and was a philosophical revolt against rationalism, which became a worldwide phenomenon. Unlike the Enlightenment which was an appeal to the use of reason, romanticism encouraged society to follow their heart and rediscover their feelings when expressing themselves. This basic aim of romanticism resulted in a return to nature, the revival of the artist and the development of nationalistic and religious pride. The Romantic era grew alongside the Enlightenment, but the ideologies of Romanticism were a sharp contrast from the ideas of knowledge and rationale formed during the Enlightenment. .
             Like the Enlightenment, Romanticism was a rebellion against tradition and allowed society to escape the constricted, rational views of life and to instead concentrate on the emotional side of humanity. It appealed mostly to young people and together they attempted to change society so they were not repeating the mistakes of their elders. To do this, the Romantics had to undertake a journey that intended to seek individualism. From this arose the growth novel, in which the central character experiences self-discovery by rediscovering his hidden feelings. The "Bildungsroman" taught inner growth and the acceptance of one's self. In modern times, the main goal of the "growth novel" has remained the same but has evolved into a travelling adventure. This involves the central character solitarily exploring the world and embarking on new experiences in foreign countries. The main purpose of the trip is to get in touch with one's inner being. This concept is discussed in Paul Fussell's article "Travel, Tourism and International Understanding." He establishes the truthful theory that contemporary societies no longer recognise the difference between travel and tourism. The article clearly states to the reader that tourism is a result of globalisation and is an un-adventurous and orderly sightsee of a country.

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