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             Romanticism can be articulated in many different ways. Some people like to purchase flowers for people they love, some like to cuddle, or to kiss, and many other things. My view of romanticism is pretty much the same. I think that romanticism should be original, and from your heart in order for it to be real romanticism, otherwise it's fake.
             My interpretation of romanticism is a long walk on the beach when the sun is setting with someone that you love or like. I am not really sure why the beach, but it is definitely not because of romantic movies where loved ones walk on the beach. I think that it might be because the beach is a place where there is a lot of nature, it is peaceful, and it is a good place to just sit down and watch the sunset and the sky with someone that you love, and also to just listen to the waves breaking on the shore. .
             Another thing that reminds me of Romanticism are flowers, and little gifts that are simple yet show that you care. Little things like flowers or getting someone lots of candy, or a big box of gum so they don't run out in school shows that you care. Another thing that I believe is part of romanticism is candle light dinners where you are alone with the person and can talk and spend the whole night with each other.
             Romanticism varies in each person, what some people think is romantic, others do not, and the other way around too. To me romanticism is what I described about, and some people might not agree with me, but it is what comes to my mind when romanticism is mentioned. .

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