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The Romantic Era

            With the upsurge of technology growth in Europe during the Industrial Revolution and the up rise in nationalism, the Romantic Era developed during the nineteenth century. The themes and main sentiments of Romanticism spread across Europe and the Americas through art, literature, philosophy, and music. Although all aspects of the humanities were affected, Romantic art truly displays the major characteristics of Romantic thinkers and artists during this period of the Western Humanities. The major factors leading to the Romantic Era were the practical and not emotional ideas of the Enlightenment, the Methodist movement, the move against an autocratic society during the French Revolution, the American Revolution, and most importantly, the effects of the Industrial Revolution in Europe. Major Characteristics of Romanticism and Romantic Art:
             • Emphasis of Individual
             • Exploration of the world of childhood
             • Intense self-inquiry and self-scrutiny
             • Deep reverence and respect for nature
             • Interest in Eastern customs and exoticism
             • Resistance to order and reason
             • Examination of the depths of the imagination
             • Creation of a dream-like atmosphere
             • Catharsis of emotions and sensations
             • Belief in the natural goodness of man
             • Depiction of supernatural, cruel, and gloomy subjects
             • Belief in philosophical idealism and perfection
             • Support for nationalist movements Francisco Goya was born March 30, 1746 in Fuendetodos, Spain. Goya was artistically influenced at a young age as his family moved to Saragossa, Spain during his childhood. From a young age Goya watched his father work as a gilder in the local artisan quarter and soon he was apprenticed to Jose Luzan, a local painter, at the tender age of 14. When he got older, Goya traveled to Italy to study art and observe art styles of the Italian masters.

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