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CSI #418--buyer behavior investigation

             This particular consumer scene investigation (#418) provides an inventory list that reveals certain aspects about the type of consumer this person is. The items found in this person’s living space give an indication to important demographic variables, types of buying behavior, and personalities/tastes, which impact the choices made when purchasing various products.
             The data suggests that the consumer is a male ranging from the age of 20 to 22. His various purchases indicate he is of a middle class family and the lack of information associated with any type of workplace or a girl, reveal that he does not have a job and is a single, full-time student probably reliant upon his parents. The data is inconclusive about any political or religious affiliation.
             It is assumed that this male lives on the Saint Louis University campus due to the fact he has a bike, which is most likely used as a means of transportation to get around campus. It is also likely he lives in an apartment on campus because the items he owns would not be necessary or fit in a dorm room. These items include a 28-inch Sony Vega flat screen TV, a Technics stereo system, a desk from Office Depot, a chair also from Office Depot, and a queen size bed purchased from Verlo. There are also several items that would require more storage room than what would be provided in a dorm room. These items include 200 assorted CD’s, 9 Xbox games, 15 assorted DVD’s, a Blue Schwinn mountain bike, a Dell computer, and a Hewlett Packard color printer. It also seems that his food items, for example Scribblers popsicles, half pound of salami, quart of 2% milk, gallon of Tropicana orange juice, and an 18 pack of Bud Light, would require a large refrigerator which is typically found in an apartment or house.
             Several items on the list expose a mainstream, trend following consumer because they are items which seem to be very popular and common among males ages 20 to 22 living in St.