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Skills for Effective Criminal Investigation

            With the advent of more modern technology, a lot of the stress and time required for an investigation is reduced, while the skills of an investigator can be aided so they can work more efficiently. There are skills, however, that are critically important in the investigation process that cannot be aided by any machine or piece of technology. These skills require the agent to use all of their senses, along with their judgment, to determine and discover fact from fiction, as well as uncover evidence in an investigation that machines and technology might not be able to get.
             One such skill is to be an active and adaptive learner. This allows the investigator to receive new information in the field and immediately be able to learn from it and determine new facts in the field. With the new facts, the investigator can make new speculations that can aid in the investigation and the investigation process. .
             Being an active learner means that you are constantly taking in new information and reshaping your beliefs about the investigation at all times. You do not stick to one belief at all times, and are constantly looking for new evidence to prove, or disprove, your current thoughts and stance on the investigation. These thoughts should change as you discover and learn new facts and receive evidence constantly.
             Another crucially important skill and trait would be the ability to think critically. An effective critical thinker uses logic to determine the pros and cons to an approach in the field and on a consistent basis. The investigator uses reasoning to determine if the current approach is the best, or if there is an alternate solution available that would be more beneficial. This is another invaluable trait that a computer would never be able to replace in the field. The agent is able to consistently think and determine whether or not the method is the most effective. The investigator also thinks about what the strengths and weaknesses to any conclusions that may have been reached, and determine whether or not it is the best.

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