Values Paper on Social Work Code of Ethics

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When asked to come up with a list of core values that represent me I was at a lost. It is not as though I am walking through life without standards or ethics, but when asked to write them down I had to think of words that really did encompass me as a person and what I want to stand for. I have come up with six principles that I strive to achieve and put on my forefront everyday. The first is leadership. Never do I want to place myself in a position that places someone else in control of my future. I believe that if I can think it, I can do it. By taking a leadership role your name is on the line and you take the risk of failing- but nothing beats a fail, but a try. The next value that's key is self respect and preservation. This was not always something that I held high, but through life experience I have learned that it needs to be at the top of my list. The adage, no one will take care of you like you, is so true. If I do not have the courage to stand up for myself and make decisions that are right for me I cannot expect anyone else to. If I do not make choices that safeguard me I am doomed and no one else even has a chance of helping me. My next value is completeness. In order for me to reach my goals I need to k

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