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Power and Helping Transaction Paper

             In this paper, an analyzation of Pinderhughes' chapters six and nine will be thoroughly discussed. Pinderhughes discusses power and its effect on societal values. Along with several examples on powerlessness situations that social workers- to be might confront someday, I was able to understand his overall concept and compare it to my own. Adding some personal experiences of my own, I will be able to compare and contrast Pinderhughes suggestions on power and help in the social work field. Also, the NASW Code of Ethics and NASW Cultural Competence will also be discussed as well as ways that Pinderhughes suggest will help aid cross-cultural problems. Furthermore, PinderHughes tactics will be applied to one out of three journals. .
             Power and Helping Relations .
             In the helping profession, power plays a meticulous role and if not addressed correctly can ultimately effect the well-being of a client. In Pinderhughes article, he states the various definitions of what power may mean to others. For example, for some power involves the capacity to influence (p.110-111) while others describe it as the "desired effects on others". Pinderhughes clarifies how power provides support for societal values; ultimately meaning power is found in about everything we do. How we go about distributing the power is up to you and your norms. Although, society throughout the years has been able to shape our norms and values; thus meaning power is put on certain people or raise. For example as Pinderhughes mentions how the melting pot sadly gives white Americans more of a supremacy than those of minority groups. Establishing power towards those of that race. Now, not everyone may has the same belief but even those classified in these minority groups have the belief that white people have more power. .
             Power according to Pinderhughes has two different roles, dominant subordination and equality. In a dominant subordination, power would be distributed in a way where there is a dominant leader and those below him are ranked low.

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