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Leading Change at Simmons Bedding Company

             Charlie Eitel has been hired by Fenway Partners, the owner of Simmons bedding company, to turnaround the company. He would like to spend $7.2 million over three years to implement the Great Game of Life (GGOL) which is an experiential program assisting employees to reach their full potential at work. He already removed big barriers for new direction by adopting a new set of core values and changing the organizational structure in his first six months at Simmons. The GGOL program has been experienced by Simmons top managers and it has been piloted at the Charlotte plant with the encouraging results. Fenway Partners is concerned about huge cost of implementing the GGOL program while facing the threatening financial conditions. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the current progress of implementation and provide research-based recommendations and modifications for further implementation. .
             The analysis of employees' behaviors and reactions revealed that Eitel's change process is at unfreezing state according to Lewin's three-step change model. The organization needs more time and effective communication to digest the new vision and culture. This study proposes the following modifications for further implementation. The recommended modifications are aimed to prepare the organization for the change and to manage the cost of the program. Firstly, Eitel should utilize Kotter's eight-step change model to prepare the organization for the change. Secondly, he needs to pilot the program at another plant to produce more visible results. Finally, the development of performance-based appraisal system is critical to increase the motivation and performance of all employees.
             About Simmons.
             The¬†Simmons Bedding Company¬†is one of the main mattress manufacturers headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to eighteen manufacturing facilities in the United States, the company has its products internationally.

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