Functions of Law

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In order to determine the functions or role of the law in society and business the word should be defined. Miriam-Webster's Dictionary gives the following definitions:

"1 a: rule of conduct or action laid down and enforced by the supreme governing authority (as the legislature) of a community or established by custom b: the whole collection of such rules c: the control brought about by enforcing rules d: trial in a court to decide what is just and right according to the laws e: an agent or agency for enforcing laws

2: a basic rule or principle

3 a: the profession of a lawyer b: lawyers as a group c: the branch of knowledge that deals with laws and their interpretation and application

4: a rule or principle stating something that always works in the same way under the same conditions 

The glossary in the course text (Cheeseman, H. 2001, pg 1145) defines law as "That which must be obeyed and followed by citizens subject to sanctions or legal consequences; a bod

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