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            This statement is true in American society today because the Bill of Rights and the enforcement of criminal law can only be effective with the implementation of values and morality by the individual or society as a whole.
             It is the responsibility of the citizen to define his own principles to uphold the laws of the state or country. The responsibility of the citizen cannot be superseded by the Bill of Rights because it is not the task of the Bill of Rights to impose value systems; it exists to protect the freedoms of each citizen. .
             Freedoms of speech, religion, to bare arms, etc. are all protected under the Bill of Rights because they guarantee an individual's prerogative to be an individual. They give society its moral foundation because individuals are held responsible for their actions. When a citizen has fulfilled his responsibility to establish ethics and principles, it will lead to a society with fewer restrictions. .
             By ensuring freedoms to the people, the Bill of Rights encourages them to take responsibility for themselves, therefore, creating new opportunities for freedom. With the people's ethics and principles in effect, the Bill of Rights allow people to develop their own different lifestyles while abiding by the law and encouraging social order. .
             The citizens themselves define all moral standards for society and the Bill of Rights gives them freedom to do so. The Bill of Rights do not regulate freedoms, it protects them. Morality lies in the hands of the individual and not the law. .
             In the absence of ethics and morality, law and order cannot really function. It is the duty of the government to guarantee freedoms to the people, but as soon as it exceeds these boundaries, they are canceling the legitimate framework of law and justice. The Bill of Rights make everyone equal in the eyes of the law, which is why it does not regulate everything, instead it protects the most important thing of all, freedom.

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