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Law School

            As I complete my fourth year of undergraduate study at Northwestern University, I find myself drawn to the study of the law. I believe that a law degree will be the cornerstone of my career; knowledge of the law has value in all human endeavors. .
             During the time I spent immersed in one subject, Economics, at the London School of Economics and Political Science, I learned a great deal about that inexact science which dissects human productivity and transactional relations. In addition, I had the opportunity to come to better understand young people from all over the world. Although cultures and languages may differ, the relational and transactional nature of human activity is universal. One need not be an economist to appreciate that fact. .
             However, it is the law which facilitates these international relationships and transactions. Laws allow the orderly and peaceful processing of transactions and define the boundaries of human relationships. The law decreases friction and conflict. As today's world grows smaller and human activity increases, the law becomes ever more complex and ever more necessary. The law is a necessary part of all activity, whether on an individual level, or at the level of foreign affairs.
             I know that I am an immature and idealistic young woman. However, I am tenacious and committed. I believe I can master a legal education and that I will be a credit to my profession. I find much of the appeal of the law to be its broad application. I do not know if I will pursue international law or corporate law. I may instead use my education to assist me in a career in business. A legal background will give me the ability to make a difference. Such an education will allow me to participate in the world at whatever level of endeavor I select.

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