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Choosing a Career Lawyers

            When choosing a career a person must be sure it is something they enjoy and will be happy doing in years to come. Becoming an attorney is an excellent choice on a profession. Most attorneys lead very comfortable lifestyles; although, the job may be very high stress at times. While making the decision on becoming an attorney, a person must look at the level of education required, opportunities available in that filed, the conditions that the work is in, and the benefits that are involved.
             When making the decision to become a lawyer, someone has to know that there will be a lot of hard work and extra schooling involved. The courses that need to be taken when deciding to become a lawyer usually include English, history, economics, social sciences, logic, and public speaking (The Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocation Guidance 386). There is no requirement for pre-law classes; although, these courses would not hurt (386). Before going to law school it is required to have completed high school and obtained a college degree (386). When trying to get accepted into law school one must show an aptitude to studying the law, and also good grades (Occupation Outlook Handbook 116). After completing the LSAT, The Law School Admission Test, one is eligible to into law school (116). Law School that are approved by the American Bar Association now require law student to take the LSAT (116). Someone interested in getting a law degree with have to have completed a minimum of three years in law school (Top 100 201). After getting a college degree and graduation from an American Bar Association law school, it is possible to take the bar examination (America's Top Jobs for College Graduates 49). Before practicing law it is required for the person to be licensed to the law established by that jurisdiction (49). Although there is a lot of schooling and extra work involved in becoming a lawyer, the opportunities that lie ahead and the benefits that the job has, outweigh the work required to become a lawyer.

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