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Interview w/ a lawyer.

            Given the opportunity to interview someone involved in the criminal justice system, my first preference was a judge; due to my schedule and her schedule, I was unable to interview her. She opted for a phone interview, but  phone interviews were not allowed as part of the criteria for the assignment.   Still searching, I went to the Hyattsville District Court and found a couple of attorneys to assist me in my assignment. Particularly, a University of Maryland Alumni--Gessesse Teferi.
             Mr. Gessesse Teferi, graduated in 1996 from University of Maryland,  College Park  (as mentioned).   Initially, he was an Engineering major, and  later changed it to History.   After that he worked with  a Human Rights Organization in DC--World Organization against Torture.   The organization dealt with conventions against torture i.e. the death penalty, prison violence (inmates v. inmates, guards v. inmates), inhumane conditions at social institutions like schools, prisons, etc.   He worked there for a year and his responsibilities included researching lots of information, filing papers, and attending meetings.   After that, he got so interested in human rights, and decided to go to Law school to pursue and strengthen his career interest.   Mr. Teferi  attended  The  University of Cincinnatti  Law school, particularly  choosing that school because  he was offered more money and the school had a strong human rights program.   He soon  found out that he didn't need a law degree to be certified in that area; In addtion, he became interested in Corporate Law.   After graduating from Law school in 2000, he worked in the corporate department of a "start-up Internet company."   That was an experience, he describes, as fueling his desire to branch into other areas of Law.   His original intention was never entering the Criminal Justice system, but last May, he accepted a position  at the Hyattsville District Court and has been working there ever since.

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