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Cigarettes on school campuses

            Cigarettes should not be sold on school campuses. Even though, the purchasers would be of legal age, it is still wrong. Most cigarette addictions occur during the teenage years and with cigarettes on campuses the numbers will increase. if schools allow this it will seem as if they support cigarette smoking for teens. besides it is an law that tobacco is prohibited from being on school campuses. reasons to ignore the 'cigarettes on campus' request are: avoid parent protests, easier access for a minor, and it is a law already.
             should tobacco be allowed on campuses, it would set off parents everywhere. parents would begin picketing in front of every school as soon as news got out. what school officials would want parents protesting at their school? what school would want a bunch of foul smelling kids in their school? No school! Should this actually happenit would be embarrassing forthe school. Also the parents will startslapping schools with lawsuits. Schools in all should just avoid the criticism by not allowing tobacco on their school grounds.
             Tobacco being sold on school grounds would make it easier for minors to access. all minors would have to do is ask someone of legal age to buy them cigarettes. if the adult says "no", all the minor has to do is pay them a couple extra dollars. And as everyone knows teens will do anything for a quick buck, especially something as easy as buying cigarettes. All that will happen is the students cravings will become a disruption to the class. Not being able to smoke will make students uneasy, impatient, and moody. Avioding tobacco sales will make the students and happier.
             Tobacco on campus is also illegal. It is a federal as well as a state law. In Arizona it is the Arizona Revised statute 36-601. Why question the authorities that protect us and keep people in line? There is no reason for this. If or when a school does this there will be controversy through out the nation.

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