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Family and Religious Values

            The purpose of this study is to evaluate and check to see if religious and family values determine the respect for and of authority on Wiley's campus. Studies and observations of other campuses as well as Wiley, has lead this observer to believe that due to the lack of religious and family values, students have grown or became disrespectful to any authority on the college's campus. This authority portrays its self in the form of an Instructor that cannot control his or her class due to the behavior of the students towards the instructor. The authority also comes in the form of policies on cheating and plagiarizing on exams, research papers, and written assignments. Finally, yet importantly do not forget the committing and vagrant disregard for rules and laws, which can range from drugs and alcohol to the parking in handicap spaces without a permit. The findings of this research will show how and to what extent that religious and family values have to play in the determining respect for and of authority on Wiley campus.
             Respect for authority comes in many forms. However many scholars believe that the Family and the Religious Values that are installed into or taught to a child influence highly how that child will respect the authority in what ever form that is presented to them. .
             When it comes to how the values of the family responds to the use of alcohol and drugs, the parent must take the No-Alcohol stance. This stance must remain in force and not to be under minded by the parents themselves or anybody else. The bonds that the parent develops with their children and the behavior that they model will go a long way on how our children will look at the use of alcohol and drugs. As well, the parents actions speak louder than what they actually say. It is what the parent's model to the kid's that is really the key to how the kid will act in the future, especially when presented with difficult problems or the decision to do the right or wrong thing.

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