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             In this modern day and age, the word "family" is a very powerful thing. Years and years ago, families used to be networks of togetherness and love. The family went on outings together, ate all their meals together, laughed and played together, and just generally bonded. Today, families seem to be much more meaningless. Minimal time is spent together, family dinners are virtually nonexistent, and the bond and love of years ago just doesn't seem to be there. I am going to discuss in this essa . .
             Being brought up in a traditional environment, I have very conservative.
             views on the concept of a family. When I was young, my Mother did not.
             work. She would stay at home with me until I was about thirteen years.
             old. I feel that, if possible, a mother should stay home with her.
             children. In my eyes, the main responsibility of a Mother is to furnish.
             her children with as much attention as possible. Without the necessary.
             attention the child will grow up striving for attention, and will do.
             everything in his or her power to receive it. In the model nuclear.
             family, the Father is the individual who is responsible for earning a.
             substantial living. Providing for the family: a home, food, and a sense.
             of security; the Father is an important factor in the up bringing of a.
             family. Unfortunately, many families do not have the luxury of a nuclear.
             family. They must survive on their perseverance, along with a little bit.
             of luck along the way.
             In our textbook, Moser and Waters accurately depict the essentials of.
             family values. The one essay that seems to support my own set of values.
             is the one entitled Reserve Marriage for Heterosexuals. I feel that a.
             family has nothing to gain by allowing homosexuals to adopt children and.
             start their own families. The essay depicts that children that are raised.
             without a Mother and a Father seem to develop in a skewed, scarred, or.
             retarded way. I agree with this point of the essay because there is no.

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