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Women and Religious Taboos

            Anthropology studies could be said to be as old as religious studies. In social and cultural anthropology, religion is considered universal. The presence of religious systems is expressed through a set of rules, precepts, and prohibitions that have to do with the family organization, the rules of marriage, the economy, the rituals, the different conceptions of health or disease, dietary prohibitions, gender relations, and others of different cultures. Most religions have their taboos based on ethical and moral considerations, as well as prejudices, and some of them concentrate on women, and we will focus on them. .
             Anthropology has always been interested in studying the role of women in different cultures, how they lived, how they organized and how they are valued in a society, marriage and family. Anthropology also focuses on the perception of the differences between women and men, and thanks to it, new information is being introduced about sex/ gender. The sex gender system is "the set of rules that each company uses to transform biological sexuality into the cultural product. Each culture has its system whereby that normalized sex." (Cruz, 153) .
             Religion influence people in many ways, people believe in their religion, and sometimes deny the existence of other religions. .
             Furthermore, people fights for their religion their religion beliefs structure, breathes it, and sometimes even are capable of killing in the name of their religion. Religion is present all the time, and its rules also prevail in peopleĀ“s lives, especially in women lives, where they seem to be in the eye of the hurricane. Each religion has its rules and its taboos. There are taboos about sex, food, and clothing. But the most important part is to understand the meaning of taboo. The New World Encyclopedia offers the following description: "A taboo is a prohibition on human activity declared as sacred and forbidden or dangerous or unclean either physically or spiritually.

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