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Enjoy What You Can Get Out of Life

            The atmosphere outside along with the bright sun the cascades over the students give them great life and well being. The time spent chatting and hanging around with friends in the quad seemed to free and ease the hectic minds of the students. At times of stress or worries from bills, chores, relationships, parents, and finals being out in the outdoors with people that you enjoy seems to help clear the mind from troubles of life.
             So to relief myself from the problems of life I ventured off into the campus to enjoy the life around me. The gleaming sun reflected by the pond attracted me to its vicinity. I laid down onto the comforting warm green grass, as I inhaled the soothing air along with the aroma of grass I was reminded of my bed with green bed sheets. Shielded by the shade and enjoying the scenery I relaxed and emptied my mind to fall asleep. Minutes later the quack of ducks, footsteps of people, and construction from across the street had woken me wide awake. Observing the activities of ducks, I wondered if they led stressful worrisome lives like us; but came to the conclusion that all they worry about is probably finding food and not getting butchered.
             Later on I went to the quad to fancy the presence of my friends. While students rushed to get to class we were having laughs about funny movies like "Old School". My friend reenacted the part where Frank got caught streaking by his wife and her friends and then asked," Hey, you guys think KFC is still open?" By that time every one of us were laughing hysterically like lunatics. While I stood there calming down the smell of cafeteria food made my stomach rumble and my mouth secreted with saliva. That was until cigarette smoke dissipated through my nose and into the air. So I sat down a feet .
             away from the smoke onto the grainy concrete seat. As we hung out the group became smaller because people had to get to class.
             Before everybody left I thought that it would be great to spend Friday night out in the city to have some fun.

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