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             Pop quizzes, papers due, reports in front of the class, and many other high school situations can make it a very long four years. I almost didn"t make it, at first it was taking short cuts and giving less and less effort, but by the end of my high school days I was giving almost none. School to me just didn"t seem like a big deal, and I thought it wouldn"t matter if I passed or not. Maybe because of maturity something clicked in my head, and I realized that school was no joke, and I turned my ways around to graduate and help myself into college. At some point I realized if I wanted a good successful future, education was the best way. .
             Any one who went through the educational system is familiar with the routine. Wake up at six to go to school, go through eight classes with a assortment of tests, quizzes, projects, and notes, only to be given a twenty minute lunch to relax and socialize. There is also the thought of eight teachers that can come down on a student for not doing their work or doing it wrong. Then the school days finished, but not really, because teens have sports practice and after school jobs. After all this they finally make it home to sometimes hours full of home work and studying, only to finish it and hit the sack for another day of the same. And let's not forget about being sent to the principles .
             office, for the few who rebel and go against the system. Now you can add detentions for after school and suspensions to make you even more behind on your work.
             At first for me waking up and six in the morning and going through the high school routine just didn"t work. I really started to hate high school towards the middle of my four years. At first I was like any typical student, I had fun and did my work as well. But as the years grew I found my self having more and more fun, but doing less and less work. I started cutting many classes and basically didn"t do any work in the classes I went to.

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