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            I believe we all have a fate; everything we do will all lead to the same outcome no matter what. The story of Oedipus tells of how a man tried to change his fate but in the end saw that it evidently came true. A horrible fate it was, breaking two taboos, and disgusting ones at that. It wasn't Oedipus's fault, he never knew that he was adopted, if only his adopted parents had told him the truth, this would have never come to be. But then again if this never came to be then there would be no story, there would be no example of a mistake like this. The story portrayed that no matter what one tries to change their fate, it can't be done. This was saying the gods had the power and that man couldn't change that. But the real question is that if you could know, would you want to know your fate? If you were given your fate it would be in the back of your mind forever. You would live your life expecting events to occur, you would wait for things to play out like that, it wouldn't be exciting, and life wouldn't be worth it anymore. If I had to chose, I wouldn't want to know, I want life to be exciting and suspenseful. I like to dream about what I will end up like, not what I will end up like, if I knew, my dreams wouldn't be worth anything, and dreams are too good to lose. I like to wonder who I will end up marrying, what my career will be, how prosperous I will be, these are all questions we think about, but knowing them wouldn't be worth it. Live life to the fullest, don't let little things get you down, there is life after college. College is a big portion of your life, actually school in general is a big portion of our lives, we spend 22 - 26 years of our lives gaining knowledge in institutions, but isn't it all worth it for what we gain. But then again we could all live life with out that knowledge, but where would we be, no where. .

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