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             There are many discussions that can arise, when you mention the tale of the world's most famous lovers, Romeo and Juliet. A story based on factual events, written by William Shakespeare, tells readers about "A pair of star cross"d lovers" (Prologue, 6) and their woes. One of the most interesting aspects of Shakespeare's classic, "Romeo and Juliet", is the role that fate plays in their story. Fate is the cause of all problems for Romeo and Juliet, and in this play fate, brought Romeo and Juliet together in love, separated the two lovers and shows how the two lovers are brought back together in death. It will then be obvious that fate plays the major role in Romeo and Juliet's tale.
             To begin, before the trauma of their deaths, Romeo and Juliet were fated to meet and fall in love. An ancient strife causes the Montague, Romeo's family, and Capulet, Juliet's family, families to hate one another, up until the death of their only young. Even though the children take their lives, it is in remorse of their love for one another. This fact is shown, in a line from the chorus before the story even begins, Capulet's, Juliet's father, hesitance for Juliet to be wed to Paris, Benvolio and Romeo's help to the servant and Romeo's dream prior to the Capulet party. Firstly, even before the play is to commence the narrator appears onstage and tells us about fate. He/she tells us about, .
             "A pair of star cross"d lovers" (Prologue, 6). This is just a hint to what they play is about. The storyteller begins by stating how the two families hate one another, but these two, Romeo and Juliet, are in the stars and are supposed to fall in love. It is said that when objects are in the stars, that, that object is subjected to fate, meaning that something will definitely happen to that object. It is the same case for Romeo and Juliet; they are in the stars and then end up falling in love and marrying. Next, perhaps Old Capulet helped Romeo and Juliet fulfill their prophecy about the star cross"d lovers.

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