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Project Proposals

             , a third year law student at Seattle University Law School who is currently employed at The Bianchi Law Firm in Seattle.
             I was recently introduced to Angela through a friend. She majored in political science here at the UW, and is now in her third and final year at Seattle University Law School. Next year, she is attending the University of Washington School of Law to receive her LL.M. in Taxation, so that she can eventually specialize in estate law. I am interested in interviewing her, because my goal is also to major in political science and go on to law school. Since she has already accomplished what I am interested in doing, she seems like not only a nice person to get to know, but a readily available resource to offer firsthand information. .
             Since she graduated relatively recently, her memories will be fresh and pertain to what I am doing now. I am hoping to learn from the interview what I can expect to do in the next few years until I graduate, as well as what I can do to prepare for law school and beyond. I am hoping she will be able to offer advice and helpful hints on things like the best classes to take here at the UW, applying to law schools, and taking the LSAT's. I would like to ask what she likes/ dislikes about law school, and what if anything would she do differently if she could. I would like to know about different law specializations and what it is about estate law that caught her interest. I am also hoping to learn about all the different fields people with law degrees can go into and possible opportunities in those fields.

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