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About My House

            I live in a very average house in a very boring, average community with a lot of boring old people. All of the houses in my community are all painted the same, brown and beige. My house is a one-level, two-car garaged, overly-small townhouse. When you drive in and first see our house you will notice that to the left is a two-story, larger house and to the right is the same old but with a one-car garage. If you enter through the garage, you will notice it is kept very clean. When you first walk into the house you are entering the dining room, right next to the kitchen. The dining room is nice, with a very large mirror taking up one of the walls. The dining room table is made out of a thick sheet of glass mounted a dark brown wooden stand. There is also a small flower pot in the center of the table filled with fake flowers. There are sixteen-inch tiles placed in the dining room and throughout the rest of the house. In the kitchen, you will notice the overwhelming amount of storage area we have, with a special cabinet for everything. The kitchen also has a glass slider that connects to the front porch. When you walk around the house more, you are able to see my room, and inside you will find my bed, a nightstand, my dresser, and my closet. On top of my dresser is my gamecube, which is what I spend most of my time on. It is hooked to my TV and is on top of my VCR and next to my phone. In my closet is where I keep all my clothes and my video game collection. I have a couple posters on my walls of different cars. I also have a glass slider that leads to the back patio. Just outside my room is the entrance to the bathroom, which is decorated with a couple pictures of our cat on the wall. My living room is where I do most of my TV-watching because that is were the biggest TV in the house is located. The TV rests upon an entertainment center which is filled with decorations and other stuff. This room has a couch and a recliner.