Psychological review

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There is a phenomenon of social psychology which is a condition where people tend to think about things more slowly and consciously. This phenomenon is counterfactual thinking.

Counterfactual thinking is the mentally changing of some aspect of the past as away of imagining what might have been. (Social Psychology, Aronson, pg. 91) Everyday instances of counterfactual thinking occur throughout individuals thinking patterns.

A moment when I experienced counterfactual thinking was concerning my car. I drive a Pontiac Sunfire, of which I have owned for 3 years. Rarely and only in certain situations will I lend my car to someone to drive. I take a great deal of pride in my car and would not like to take the risk of it being ruined, due to someone else's mistakes. Therefore, in my own group of friends it is known that I never lend my car to anyone.

However, on a weekend in July of this past summer my friend Mark asked to borrow my car. I was heading home for the weekend, back to Toronto. I had already purchased a train ticket and was planning on leaving my car in Windsor and taking the train home.

My friend Mark, proving a good point that my car was just going to be l

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