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             Why do men and women develop eating disorders such as anorexia? This paper looks at several different views on anorexia and why people would be afflicted with the eating disorder anorexia. Anorexia as defined by the Webster's dictionary is a sickness of the mind in which a person strongly dislikes food and keeps trying to lose weight when there is no need to. The society in which we all live has developed a culture that has become obsessed with the message that thin is in. Society teaches men and women that to have the perfect sexy body one must be thin. The people in society have come up with treatments to fight the eating disorder anorexia even though it is society itself which causes the disorder. It is very important that things are said about anorexia since it affects so many men and women. More and more literature is finally coming out on this life threatening disorder which I believe society has brought upon itself.
             Literature Review.
             In the first journal article "The Slender Ideal and Eating Disorders: An Interdisciplinary Telescope Model" Nagel Barber proposes explanations for why people develop the eating disorder anorexia. This is shown through his four level model of explanation which consists of cross cultural, sociological, psychological, and biological explanations. Barber states that a highly general model is necessary to address central issues such as why anorexia is prevalent in American households in the 20th century with outbreaks in the 1920s and from the early 1960s to date (Barber 1996). He believes based on his research that the mass media has one of the greatest effects on people with anorexia. He also believes economic reasons are the cause of anorexia.(Barber 1996) .
             In Debra Pawluck and Kevin Gorey's journal article "Secular Trends in the Incidence of Anorexia Nervosa: Integrative Review of Population Based Studies" it is shown through a study how often the incidence of anorexia nervosa occurs in men and women.

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