Friends with Benefits

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Friends with benefits. Such a popular phrase among teenagers and even adults these days. Do not misunderstand though. Being friends with someone should have its benefits. However, the ones I speak of are a bit different. If you are not familiar with the term ˜friends with benefits,' then perhaps I should clarify. It consists of two friends or at least acquaintances, who agree to have a physical relationship or ˜fool around' but not officially ˜date.' There are no emotional strings or complications that would usually come attached to a romantic, real relationship. No birthdays, anniversaries, or other occasions to remember. Just willingness to experiment with your sexuality whenever and with whomever you want. It seems perfect for exes who want to hold on to something that is already over, or for those who fear commitment right?

But wait. Is fear of commitment necessarily a bad thing? These days, people are more aware of how hard it is to get a long-term relationship to work. Because relationships seem to break more easily these days, people are waiting longer to settle down. You think more carefully when you are older, so it makes sense to be sure that the person you want to marr

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