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             Ever since the Oreo cookie was introduced in 1912 it’s been the Americas most popular cookie. The question is, however, how do you eat your Oreo cookie? There are three different main ways to eat an Oreo, dunk it, twist it, or nibble it. Physiologists have linked the way you eat an Oreo to your personality. But the few out there who don’t know how to eat an Oreo may find this paper informative. .
             The first and oldest way to eat an Oreo is to dunk it. You can dunk it in milk, chocolate milk, or coffee. This process is simple but can be challenging to some. Take an Oreo and dunk it in your beverage up to your fingers. You could let it soak for a second to soften it up, or just take a quick dip. Then bite that half off, and dip the rest. By the time you’ve dunked enough cookies to soak up half your milk or coffee it’s time to drink the rest. Your milk or coffee is that much better because now there’s an Oreo flavor to it. Oreo has come out with a product especially for these type of people. New Oreos turn your milk blue when you dip them, adding a pleasant sight to the already pleasant taste and smell.
             The next way is the most popular of them all. The twist. There are many sub-categories to twisting. Take your Oreo and twist the top of the cookie right and the bottom to the left. But you have to twist it slow. Be very careful not to break your cookie. .
             Now comes the part were there a few ways to eat it. If you’re selfish and all you care about it getting yours, chances are you’ll eat the inside and throw the cookie away, forgetting that some children across the world are starving and you’re throwing perfectly good cookies away. The next way is to eat the inside first, then the cookie. This shows that you like to take things apart and check out the inside first. Appearances aren’t always everything. The next way is a little weird and I don’t exactly want to take a trip into these people’s psyche; people who lick the cream filling inside until it’s gone, and then eat the cookie.