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Ever since the Oreo cookie was introduced in 1912 it's been the Americas most popular cookie. The question is, however, how do you eat your Oreo cookie? There are three different main ways to eat an Oreo, dunk it, twist it, or nibble it. Physiologists have linked the way you eat an Oreo to your personality. But the few out there who don't know how to eat an Oreo may find this paper informative.

The first and oldest way to eat an Oreo is to dunk it. You can dunk it in milk, chocolate milk, or coffee. This process is simple but can be challenging to some. Take an Oreo and dunk it in your beverage up to your fingers. You could let it soak for a second to soften it up, or just take a quick dip. Then bite that half off, and dip the rest. By the time you've dunked enoug

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