E. B. White’s Once More to the Lake

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E. B. White's Once More to the Lake is a narrative essay in which White analyzes his conflict with time. The essential subjects of the piece are time, childhood memories, and, of course, the lake. These subjects are conveyed with a nostalgic, reminiscent tone that denotes the author's great longing for these childhood memories to recur. Ultimately, White's essay Once More to the Lake conveys an enormous, internal conflict with time and childhood memories through the use of diction, repetition of imagery, words, and sensory details, and structure of expression that suggests the author's abhorrence of change.

Through the use of diction, the author hints that his childhood memories were of great importance to him. White directly speaks of these memories by saying that they were "precious, " and "worth saving.  He furthers these assertions by characterizing the memories of "jollity,  "peace,  and "goodness.  The author, expecting everything to be the "same  in this "unique,  "holy spot,  begins noticing that his expectations were cut short. The diction used here gives birth to the conflict, time and chance, by co

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