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The Four Stages of Life

             Everyone perceives life differently and so it is interpreted differently as well. Each individual is dealt a different hand in life, but it is how one makes use of it that truly counts. A person¡¯s life is their own and should be enjoyed thoroughly. To live a life where everything a person does and everything that they see makes them smile inside. It is when life is carefree and their minds are not filled with worries and troubles about the past, present or future. It is then that they are able to stimulate their mind, further their education, and to continue to expand their knowledge of the world. Everyone has the opportunity to experience this. When a lifetime is separated into four major stages; childhood, the teenage years, adulthood, and the golden years, a person¡¯s teenage years is the time where all this becomes a reality. It is when life is the most enjoyable, carefree and stimulating of all. Nothing can compare to being a teenager and it is when a person truly learns how to live life.
             Childhood is the first stage of life. Children are at an age when no one pays much attention to their thoughts or ideas about anything. Parents usually ignore any comment that a child makes because adults tend to think that children either don¡¯t have anything important to talk about or are uninformed about the world around them. As a child, we are limited to a small perception of the world, so they lack the stimulating life of a teenager. Children are also treated as delicate porcelain dolls that will break at any given moment. For example, an adult who witnesses a child getting scraped by a twig will react to the situation as if the child was being beaten into a bloody pulp. Because of this behavior towards children, no activity in which children take part in is without parental supervision. However, as a teenager, adults are finally considering their opinions, and their parents are slowly beginning to treat them as grown-ups.