Pizza prevents cancer?

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An interesting article from dated July 21, 2003 entitled Pizza Prevents Cancer, points out some interesting theories. The article is written by Jeanie Lerche Davis whom interviews Silvano Gallus, PhD. Dr. Gallus, an epidemiologist from Milan, Italy and his colleagues sifted through diet surveys completed by 598 cancer patients and 4,999 people without cancer. A few of the questions on the diet survey pertained to pizza consumption in which Dr. Gallus bases his theories upon. The first question on the survey was, "Do you eat less than one slice of pizza per month?  (non-eaters) , the second, "Do you eat 1-3 slices of pizza per month?  (occasional eaters) and the third, "Do you eat a slice or more per week?  (regular eaters)

Dr. Gallus's studies based upon the survey revealed that regular pizza eaters had 34% less risk of

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