Amazon Mythology

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The Amazon were a tribe of women in Greek Mythology who possessed the task of going off to fight in wars and govern society, while their husbands would carry out all the housework. They lived in this matriarchal society in Asia Minor. For some, it is hard to believe that a woman could live without men, or conquer an entire country by themselves. Stories about women who were able to exist without men, and furthermore resist men in wars and defeat them, - in today's academic opinion “ could never be true. However, there is proof to support the legend of the Amazon, for they had many beliefs, superstitions, conquests, and ideas.

First of all, to make sense of this legend, we should know where the term Amazon comes from. From a Greek standpoint, the term actually means "without breast.  The Scythians called the Amazons "Oiorpata" which means "man killer".

The Amazon had many superstitions. For one, before they could marry, they would have to kill a man. Then, if she had a baby boy, it would either be killed or mutilated at birth. They obviously never wanted to lose their high status as woman. They

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