A Global Problem: Responsibility for Climate Change.

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A Global Problem: Responsibility for Climate Change.

Over the past century, human agricultural and industrial activities have led to the buildup of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. These gases are trapping yet more of the earth's outgoing radiation, leading to an enhanced greenhouse effect and a warmer earth.

Because CO2 and other greenhouse gases are so long-lived in the atmosphere, enhanced greenhouse warming can be expected to persist for centuries. The impacts - many of which are effectively irreversible - will affect everyone on earth. Human health, patterns and intensity of precipitation, water and food supplies, coastal development, energy supplies, the viability of natural systems: all will be affected if Earth's climate continues to change.

Taking unified global action against climate change, however, has proven contentious. Unequal divisions of resources and emissions between industrial and developing nations has raised many issues over who should pay.

Also due to the unpredictable nature and the limited knowledge we have about atmospheric processes and climate change, scientists are having difficulty coming up with precise predictions about future climate changes. The climate system is complex and scientists still need

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