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A Medication for Climate Change

            Mother nature has served every individual ever since humans evolved on earth and no doubt that human life have misused the gift of nature to an outrageous extent where the implementation and the need to abide by environmental ethics and virtue theories has become vital. Hence, in the light to elucidate the issue, the global organization executed the Earth Charter principles that its members must follow to sustain life on earth in the future. Though the principles are being formulated, however, every individual is obliged to develop virtuous character solely to accomplish the desired goals. The Earth Charter is the fundamental ethical principles declaration in the 21st century for the purpose of developing a sustainable, peaceful and a just society. It aims to incorporate the virtues of shared responsibility and interdependence that would assist in making a transit towards sustainable environmental and human development. The theory of virtue ethics is Aristotle's teleological theory that focuses on the development of moral qualities and character of an individual, fostering worthwhile living and that right and good behavior become habits. It entails on achieving the midpoint of the character trade, referred to as "golden mean". The Earth Charter correlates with the theory of virtue ethics on the notion that the Earth Charter radically encompasses a solution to avoid environmental degradation by "asking for a change of personal character". The adaptation of the Earth Charter and formulation of virtue ethics by individuals could assist in disentangling the issue of climate change in the Pacific. Climate change is defined as the "change in the state of climate that is attributed by human activity, directly or indirectly that alters the composition of global atmosphere, observed over comparable time periods" (World Bank, 2012). This essay will highlight and discuss how the principles in the Earth Charter could alleviate climate change in the South Pacific by integrating the perspectives of environmental and virtue ethics theory through the anthropocentrism, extensionism and biocentrism approaches.

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