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If I was god

            I would be a good God who watches over others and makes sure that all people over the world are happy and satisfied with their lives and the things they have. Being a God would be a big responsibility. Two things I will make disappear are world wars and cancer. The reasons for choosing these two things are, I have lived through the war, and I have watched my sister live through cancer recovery. Two things I would like to exist are stronger laws and safer schools. The schools, instead of getting better and safer every year, they"re getting worse and more dangerous every year. It seems that most important people in the school system don't care what is going on. Stronger laws would make this world much safer place for whole world especially in USA. .
             I believe killing is a horrible thing. However, it is happening all over the world which is not what we need. World wars have killed so many people that didn't deserve to die. At age 12 I experienced war and had seen too many people (close family and friends) die for nothing. In 1992, the war between Bosnians and Serbs was shocking for us (Bosnians). We we"re all neighbors and I would never think that could happen. The Bosnian war was ugly and extremely bloody. People were maimed and killed in bloody inner-city battles that left over half a million people dead. The Serbs we"re led by their leader Slobodan Milosevic which is now in Hague (Holland). Milosevic is charged with genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Bosnia. At concentration camp (Trnopolje), where I stayed, the guards would come and pick someone up everyday. Guards would bring some people back and some not, and those that didn't come back, like my father. They were executed or beaten to death. Humans should not be killing each other because of their religion or nationality. By destroying wars I would make this world a safer place for all people. Hatred between all the countries either because of the religion or nationality would be gone.

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