About Internet Banking

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Introduction and History of Internet Banking 2

What is the "Brick-to-click  banks 3

What is the "Virtual Banks  3

How to manage your accounts online 4

b, Online shopping (Loans and Credit cards): 6

Comprehensive security control process 12

Establishment of clear audit trails for e-banking transactions 13

Confidentiality of bank information 14

Authentication of e-banking customers 14

Availability of e-banking systems 14

Advantage and Disadvantage of E-banking 16

Introduction of BNP's Electronic Banking system 19

About Electronic Banking (EB) system in general 19

Control functions, accessing data for previous transfers 20

Introduction and History of Internet Banking

First I would like to introduce the E-Banking and tell why is it so new and important in the Bank sector and daily life. In todayâ

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