Advances in Digital Technology

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In our ever growing world of technology, and communication, people are constantly looking for new and easier ways to use expression and become closer to the world around us. Before the computer and the internet became a common staple in the American household, people used technology such as television, newspapers, magazines, telephones, and radios (now commonly referred to as "traditional media ) to communicate. Since traditional media in our society is old and aging, the new wave of communication and expressing ourselves is through various forms of Digital Media. The definition of Digital Media in a nut shell is broad, it encompasses many sectors and sub-sectors such as content (text, sound, images, "animated images  and video), platforms, software and technologies. Overall, it represents the convergence between traditional media and the growing online media segment, with the related telecommunications and information technology enablers.

Essentially, Digital Media is about content creation, content management and content distribution across multiple Internet and digitally-enabled platforms such as the PC, television, games console, mobile and other devices, as well as packaged media such as Interactive C

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