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Juvenile Court vs. Adult Court (compare and contrast) Paper

            Over the past decade, juvenile crime has doubled and tripled. Who should be giving them their punishment? The juvenile court system; which is designed for their best interests or the adult court, reserved for the true maniacs of society. With their hands tied, prosecutors don’t know how to rule on juvenile cases because the laws are too far out of date to handle the “new” juveniles of this time period. Newspaper writers and some state representatives agree that a child stops being a child when they pick up a gun, with the intent to harm someone else. .
             Juveniles in adult court aren’t allowed to be reformed or to be given a chance to come back in society peacefully. Juveniles tried in adult court are twice as likely to be beaten or to commit suicide. Also, the teenager is five times more likely to be sexually assaulted while in adult prisons. The emotion of the adult prison to the teenager is that they will always be involved in crime. They often return to prison because of a more serious offense than the last. In doing this the juvenile offender is never reformed to be returned to society. While trying juveniles in adult court the idea of them not being mentally mature to realize what they are doing is ruled out of the court decision.
             Juveniles that are tried in adult court are given the right punishment for the crime that they committed. Since the offender has thought and acted like an adult and committed a serious crime they should be given the adult punishment. This gives the teenager a perspective that there are consequences for your actions, and that you can’t get away with it by going to stay in a home or juvenile delinquent facility. Also, police have figured out that gang leaders will persuade younger gang members to take the wrap for a serious crime, because the leader will have a harsher punishment because he is an adult. .