Kidney Disease

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The purpose of the kidneys is to rid the body of waste. Kidneys work as a filter to insure that waste and end products of metabolism stay out of the blood flow. A problem occurs when kidneys become ill and can no longer do their job properly. Kidney disease is a slow process in which the kidneys can shut down and waste can be released into the blood flow for several different reasons. Some of these reasons include diabetes, Anemia, and Amyloidosis.

Out of all the cases of diabetes in the United States one hundred thousand of these have Kidney failure due to diabetes. 0nce stricken with kidney disease the patient undergoes dialysis a process which replaces and builds upon remaining filtering functions of the kidneys. This is needed due to the fact that kidneys are shutting down and not getting rid of waste the way they should. African Americans, American Indians, and Hispanic Americans develop diabetes and kidney Disease at a higher rate. Scientists are unable to explain this or the factors that lead to kidney Disease. There are two types of Diabetes; Type one is diabetes mellitus, and Type Two is Adult onset Diabetes. Type one tends to occur with children and young adults and is known for being insulin de

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