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Club med case study

             After reading the article I can see that the strengths of Club Med are they have great word of mouth. Most people have heard of Club Med in one way or another. They have also been around the longest and have a lot of return customers. Me personally I would go there over any other vacation option because of all the entertainment that they provide. I thought Club Meds biggest strength was there price. They offer very competitive prices. Club Meds competitive advantage is there price and there longjevity. I look at them as a standard in the industry that everyone else has to strive to get to.
             The biggest weakness for Club Med is that they rely so much on word of mouth. That is the majorty of there advertising. It’s great if you never make a mistake and everyone is always happy. If something does go wrong it could really hurt there business. They are also very vulnerable because they are at the top of the industry. People can look at there mistakes, change them, and come up with a better product. Club Med must always have a high quality product. People are coming back because of there past experience. Club Med med has to live up to the customers expectations.
             If I was in charge of Club Med I would focus more on advertising, and not rely so much on word of mouth. There also needs to be constant changes in entertainment. For a return customer you want a different experience. .