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The marijuana

             policy toward mind-altering substances has followed cycles of.
             tolerance and intolerance ever since the mid-19th century. Walking into a smoked filled.
             room, of young and old engaged in therapeutic activities for numerous health conditions,.
             has been practice worldwide. In fact, the medical use of the cannabis plant goes back at.
             least 5,000 years to ancient China. It was used by most of the world's cultures for its.
             healing properties (Medical Marijuana Cases 1). Today such conditions as Migraine.
             headaches, Glaucoma, Cancer, Epilepsy, Asthma AIDS/HIV, Spinal injury, Muscle.
             spasms, Insomnia etc., could be treated for symptomatic relief with cannabis or cannabis.
             extract. However, marijuana is still considered an illegal drug in most states in the United.
             Marijuana usage may have been common 20-30 years ago, but it really isn't any longer.
             Judy Foreman states that a hardy band of activists seeking legislative approval of.
             perennial bill that would bring Massachusetts in line with 34 other states in letting.
             patients with certain conditions smoke marijuana (1). 2 What was known, as the "wicked.
             weed" of the sixties can be good medicine . Marijuana certainly seems safer than may.
             other drugs, even aspirin that causes gastrointestinal bleeding, killing hundreds of people.
             every year (Grinspoon/Bakalar 4).3 There are lots of drugs American society does not let.
             people use except under doctor's care, for instance, cocaine, Demerol, est. No one thinks.
             we have legalized cocaine because we let surgeon or anesthesiologists use it. Therefore,.
             the notion that there is a link between medical use and whether people should to be able.
             to legally get stoned is nonsense. One situation does not necessarily include the other.
             Nevertheless, there has not been a single death by overdose (Foreman 4).2 As an.
             enlightened society, we must reconsider the legalization of marijuana for medical use.
             only as it eases pain and suffering of many illnesses.

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