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            How can marijuana a drug so bad be even considered good by society, because the public is not fully aware of the consequences, we as a society need to be helping and educating our community but instead we are adding to the problem by legalizing marijuana which is referred to as a gate way to other more dangerous drugs. Marijuana should not be legal because people will abuse the legalization of marijuana, marijuana has alarming health hazards and people will abuse the drug freely without thinking of the consequences of their actions. .
             Marijuana should not be legalized because the "pack" of users will abuse the fact that marijuana is legal. Now users do marijuana when they can mostly on special occasions but if marijuana becomes legal then users will smoke whenever they want. Yes some people will say that not giving us the option is taking away peoples freedom of choice the "if we want too there's nothing you can do about it" attitude. But how about when marijuana starts getting distributed to our youths better known as our "future" now our youths have easy access to cigarettes what will stop them from getting marijuana, nothing! . Or how about when the working community starts paying more taxes because more help centers for addicts have to be opened. People must put a stop on the legalization now in the start before the problem escalade and finally catches up with society. .
             Also, marijuana has alarming health hazzards. Jim Bronskill says "Some of the risks with taking marijuana is short-term impairment, increased blood pressure, lung damage and suppression of the immune system." And although medicinal marijuana helps take pain away for users, based on the information above given to you, marijuana does more harm than good. Would you take a pill that would give you backaches but get's rid of headaches? Well that's what medicinal marijuana does it takes away the pain at the cost of lung cancer, immune system failure, increased blood pressure or short term impairment.

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