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            Marijuana is a cannabis plant that contains over 400 chemicals.
             Marijuana is the most frequently used illegal drug in the United States. .
             Almost sixty nine million people have already smoked marijuana. Marijuana was first .
             used by the Chinese in the early 2700's BC. The people of India began using marijuana .
             for medicinal purposes. Marijuana was brought to the New World in 1545 by the .
             Spaniards. It arrived in Jamestown in 1611 and became a major cash crop by the 1700's. .
             Some states began to illegalize marijuana by 1915 and by 1937 marijuana was illegal in .
             every state with the marijuana tax act. Many people believe that marijuana should .
             become legal again but I do not see the good that legalizing marijuana would bring.
             Marijuana has many harmful effects that most people aren't aware of or don't care to .
             be aware of. Someone who smokes five joints in a week is doing as much damage to their .
             body as someone who smoke a full pack of cigarettes everyday. Marijuana also effects .
             the immune system by killing the T-cells which help fight off infection and destroys brain .
             cells. People who smoke marijuana have a greater risk of developing pneumonia and .
             suffer from chronic bronchitis. Long term users of marijuana develop the amotivational .
             syndrome in other words they become losers. They don't care what the look like, they .
             don't care what happens, they have no desire to work and do not care about bettering .
             themselves. Marijuana also effects short term memory. In athletes it could cause their .
             performance to decrease and cause their timing to be off and they could become .
             uncoordinated. Marijuana also affects a persons driving ability by slowing their reaction .
             time. Driving while under the influence of marijuana it is just as likely to be involved in a .
             car accident as driving while under the influence of alcohol. .
             I don't think marijuana should be legalized for any purpose. Or at least not the .
             smoking of marijuana.

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