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             A fact: marijuana is one of the safest drugs on the market. It causes no deaths per year whereas aspirin causes two thousand deaths per year (Rosenthal 56). Pot, another name for marijuana, is a drug made from the dried leaves and flowering tops of hemp plants. It has many psychological and physical effects. It is usually smoked as cigarettes or in pipes, but it can also be mixed with food and beverages. Most nations have laws that prohibit the cultivation, distribution, possession, and use of marijuana. The part of the issue, which yet has not been presented, is the true goodness of it. It has been proven by highly educated and respected scientists that it really helps the sick. Supported by that fact and many other fascinating facts, marijuana must be legalized for medical purposes. Despite the false statements of those who oppose, marijuana should be legalized as medication to treat loss of appetite and other general medical applications. .
             Primarily, there are many false statements concluded by officials and general public about the laws of marijuana use. Many individuals are concerned that the use of marijuana results in poor judgment and massive coordination problems. This was proved to be incorrect at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Ross Rebagliati, from Whistler, British Columbia, won the men's giant slalom snowboarding gold medal, with a time of two minutes and 3.96 seconds. Following his victory, he failed the preliminary urine test and a second conforming test that medalists undergo at the games. Traces of cannabis were found at the level of 17.8 parts per million, which was 2.8 parts more than that determined, as the baseline of consumption, by the International Federation that governs snowboarding. The committee at the Olympics had the intentions to disqualify Rebagliati from the race and expel him from the games. Their decision was altered when the committee took concern of Rebagliati's drug consumption.

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