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Education is supposed to be the uplifting of your mind, but nowadays education has become the stripping of culture and identity. Most people don't like to talk about social issues such as racism, and sexism because they are admitting that these issues still exist. The same goes for education in the classroom. Most teachers avoid talking about anything hat has to do with race or sex because they worry about being politically in correct. The story "Pedagogy and Political Commitment: A Comment  by bell hooks talks about the struggle that she went through trying to teach students about racism, sexism, and domination.

Most minorities view education as a way to bridge the communication gaps between whites and themselves but others see education as a way to lose yourself. The author took it back to slavery the way the learned to live she writes "From slavery to the present, education has been revered in black communities, yet it has also been suspect.  In those days blacks were divided due to their education. Educated blacks felt better than the uneducated blacks, and it seemed the more they learned from the white man, the they would develop the ways of white-life. White-life being the way whites are br

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