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Media's Stereotyping of Women and the Poor

            Whether it be billboards, movies, magazines, or books there are so many stereotypes of women and the poor but many have chosen not to notice them or to point them out. They remain in fear of seeing their favorite movie being sexist or their favorite book a starting grounds for bullying the less wealthy. Perhaps, people are just reading and watching for entertainment rather than moral lessons. Media chooses to project offensive and mind-controlling stereotypes of women and the poor, thusly, hiding the truth from these and all people and provoking unhealthy results. By uncovering the underlying sexism, objectification, and absurdity in the social class system in the following Media, one would hope that after this essay more people would be encouraged to realize and stop the stereotyping of women and the financially inclined.
             Most movies and shows about women contain a plot line where woman's life revolves around a man. In The Leap Year , Anna (the main character) has no other real life goals than to settle down with her dream man. The entirety of the movie is about her proposing to her lover and whether or not he really is the one for her. In fact, Anna declares, "I realized I had everything I ever wanted but nothing I really needed. And I think what I need is here." When she says this, she is talking to her lover Declan declaring that she needs him. If Anna declares that she needs him, she is also stating that she needs a man, ultimately she is stating that she is dependent on him and cannot survive on her own. Thus, forfeiting the right of independency and once again stating that women "need" a man to survive life. Another example of dependency on men by women is in Romeo and Juliet. From the time she meets Romeo, Juliet is dependent on their love and nothing else matters. In the very last scene when Romeo dies of poison, Juliet kills herself as well not seeing any point in living without him.

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