The Parents of Huck Finn

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Throughout The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn there are many unique characters aside from Huck. As Huck travels the Mississippi he meets many people that, to him, take the place of his nonexistent parents. For as long as Huck can remember he's been alone, but there is most undeniably a child's wanting for some structure and guidance that a parent gives. The people he meets, he picks up teachings that he will need in life. These surrogate parents are the aristocratic Colonel Grangerford, the strict down to earth Widow Douglas, and Huck's river companion, the runaway slave, Jim. All these people help and serve Huck as long as he's willing to be civilized. Even though Huck sees these people as mentors he still doesn't stay with them very long, he just doesn't know what he wants.

The Widow Douglas is a very interesting character indeed. She took Huck in as her son, and when we meet up with Huck he's living in her home. The widow tried to civilize Huck, but Huck didn't take to it very well. She tried to teach Huck the ways of Christianity but he found it foolish. Huck didn't understand why anyone would be interested in someone if they were not related to them. Huck a

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