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Small Town Life

             My life in a small town, well as you know small town’s can be boring. This town wasn’t any different, or was it? My story will begin, well back when things got exciting. Basically I taught myself how to ride a bike, which in my opoinion at the time was very great. You see I always wanted to be an independent person, even as a small child I wanted to run my life and make my own decisions. Well bad idea number 1. Ride my bike all by myself, well you see I thought I wanted to ride to a girls house who baby-sat me and my 2 brothers. Well the adventure began, you see as I got further away from the house I thought to my self, well I made it this far why not go another block. Another block passed by, then another, then another, before I knew it I was in the middle of down town, my first experience of life outside of school and home. A whole different world around me, and I also learned that if your under 16 and on your own on a bicycle in the middle of downtown, then you are bound for trouble. Well next thing I knew, I had my first experience with the Frederick Police Department. Yes I was picked up and finger printed, and my parents were called and I was in some deep stuff. I remember going home and all those people at my house, who had been looking for me and were all worried about me. Even though I was in trouble, I actually felt really good, because I felt loved and cared about. I mean for all those people at my house worried about me, wow, I didn’t know what to feel, but in about 2 minutes, I felt the pain of my daddy’s belt, yes the pain was real, and the reality was, I was learning a good lesson, you do bad things and you receive consenquences for your actions, and overall it was a good day, sure I got whooped, but hey I was learning a lesson, and I think I was a good one to learn. Well school wasn’t always my thing, this was bad idea number 2. this beat the crap out of bad idea number 1.

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