Persuasive Techniques

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The introduction on the M-I Card is the topic of Dr. Tom Browns email response that appeared on the Medi-Info Card website on the 14th of October, 2001. The main contention of both Dr. Browns email and the M-I Card homepage is to emphasize the benefits and importance of the M-I Card. Dr. Browns response is written in a sincerely supportive tone where as the tone presented by the homepage is friendly and inviting.

On the M-I Card homepage, the writer uses Rhetorical Questions as a way of persuading the reader towards their point of view, that M-I Cards are a revolutionary lifesaving device. By using a Rhetorical Question, the writer engages the reader in thought. The question put forward on the M-I Card homepage is asking the reader "without the M-I Card in your wallet, can you be sure that vital information wont be missed? . This question makes the reader thi

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