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Comparative analysis

             These two letters put forward by Arnold Mann and Cynthia O"Keefe, I protested against Vietnam - but this is different and Please, Mr Howard, give peace a chance respectively, give two sides to an issue making headlines all over the world. These two articles use different techniques and ways of writing in order to persuade and manipulate the reader.
             The article written by Mr Mann titled I protested against Vietnam - but this is different uses several different techniques to influence the reader. Mr Mann is adamant that this almost inevitable war with Iraq is not the same as Vietnam. After having protested against the Vietnam war, the writer says that Vietnam was different and that it is ridiculous to make out Saddam Hussein as another Ho Chi Minh.
             The writer uses cynical and bitter tones as a way of persuading the reader, for example when he writes "if anyone needs liberating, it is surely the people of Iraq" suggesting in a strong tone that the divided country needs to be acted upon in a way to making the world a safer place. .
             The repetition of "we" throughout the article is the use of inclusive language that influences the reader in making them feel a part of the situation at hand and more encouraged to read on.
             The use of language, which appeals to, the readers sense of security and fear adds to the effective persuasiveness of the writer. Using the words such as "Blackmail us into submission" and the use of the word "Hitler" really affects the readers sense of security and in relating Saddam to Hitler can influence the readers opinion on whether war with Iraq is the right thing to do.
             In comparison to Mr Mann's article, Cynthia O"Keefe's use of language in appealing to our emotion is a strong persuasive influence on the reader. .
             Cynthia is of the view that peace should be given a chance after recent reports from aid agencies. .
             In her article there is the repetition of strong words such as crippling damage and catastrophe, which get the readers attention a lot better.

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