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Three Musketeers Comparative Analysis

             Have you ever seen the movie The Three Musketeers or read the book? If so, you have probably noticed that there are some distinctions between the two works. Even though there are differences between the two, they still have similarities and tell relatively the same story. .
             The book includes more events and more in-depth details of these events. The book also includes a better description of the characters' appearance, actions, and thoughts. The movie, however, gives the audience a chance to visually see the characters and what they are doing. The movie, also, leaves out many small but necessary details that the book gives. Despite all the differences between the book and the movie, they both still have similarities throughout the storyline. .
             The differences between the two works are usually minor, but they greatly affect the story. One difference is in the movie the musketeers are disbanded, but in the book they are never disbanded, instead they are revered enormously by most of France and the King. In the movie, d'Artagnan loses all hope of becoming a musketeer because they no longer exist. However, in the book, his hopes are high, and he believes that he will be one shortly because all he has to do is serve in a service lower than the musketeers. One other difference is the book talks about how the Cardinal tries to ruin the Queen by telling the king false information about her, and he tries to reveal her love affair with the Duke of Buckingham. The movie, instead, has the Cardinal trying to ruin the King, so he can take over the throne of France. Another thing is that the movie never mentions anything about the relationship the Queen of France has with the Duke of Buckingham. The movie also excludes the !.
             siege of La Rochelle and the details surrounding it: like the imprisonment of Milady in London by Lord de Winter; the death of the Duke of Buckingham by order of the Cardinal, and how Milady carries out the order by having someone kill him; and the promotion of d'Artagnan to a musketeer because of his heroism.

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